July 25, 2009



As a teacher, we are constantly looking for new resources for our students.  Thus, hopefully this gives teachers a new idea.  Webquests are very popular in the field of language teaching, which is a type of inquiry-based learning.  It is an open-ended activity placed on a webpage consisting of a topic and a task, web resources for students to utilize while trying to complete that task, and examples for guidance.  Such an activity may then be integrated into the classroom environment where students are asked to explain their choice in writing, write about the steps they took to achieve successful completion, and/or present their findings orally in front of their peers.  To promote collaboration, such tasks should be group-oriented, rather than for the individual.  Teachers should also detail their grading criteria on the webpage.  Webquests promote problem-solving skills, group work, and the learning of the target language using real-life webpages!  Such an activity is especially attractive for students as they love using the internet!

Here is link to a Webquest which I previously created as one of my class assignments.  Once completed, it’ll help you learn about New York’s public transit system- NYCommuter Quest

Here is a link with Webquests created by other language teachers which I used as a guidance to develop mine- http://webquest.org/index.php